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Katoomba and Kiama

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This is Kylie, Ajila, & Jennifer
Kylie and Ajila were kind enough to show us some of the sites outside of Sydney. This is how we spent Sunday. Some awesome sites. Just so you know Katoomba and Kiama are south of Sydney.

The Royal National Park is the second National Park ever established. The first was Yellowstone (which is in the US).

March 21st - Trip to Wollongong and Kiama 007

March 21st - Trip to Wollongong and Kiama 007

We stopped for morning tea and had a lovely view of the water. Tea is often used synonomously for meal time, i.e. morning tea would mean breakfast, afternoon tea lunch, and just tea might mean dinner but it could also be used to mean a coffee or smoke break, or a light snack. Here is the real kicker, when someone mentions tea it doesn't neccesarily mean that they will actually drink tea. In restaurants over here they don't serve iced tea, just hot tea. Now, you can get it in a bottle at the convenient store, though. These next few pics are just some of the shots from the Grand Pacific Drive which took us through the park.
I believe this is a cockatoo
All kinds of wildlife out here
March_21st..ama_037.jpgMarch_21st..ama_039.jpgMarch 21st - Trip to Wollongong and Kiama 050

March 21st - Trip to Wollongong and Kiama 050

After our morning tea we hit the road again. I couln't believe my eyes at some of these next pics.

These shots are taken at a place called Bald Hill at Stanwell Park. It is a popular place for hang gliders to make their leap. I didn't have the opportunity to hang glide but I think I would've jumped at the opportunity, MAYBE.
Can you imagine flying through the air and getting a birds eye view of this...
March_21st..ama_081.jpgMarch_21st..ama_082.jpgMarch_21st..ama_084.jpglarge_March_21st..ama_085.jpgMarch_21st..ama_086.jpgMarch_21st..ama_087.jpgMarch_21st..ama_088.jpgMarch 21st - Trip to Wollongong and Kiama 089

March 21st - Trip to Wollongong and Kiama 089

March_21st..ama_090.jpgMarch 21st - Trip to Wollongong and Kiama 103

March 21st - Trip to Wollongong and Kiama 103

March_21st..ama_110.jpgMarch_21st..ama_123.jpgMarch_21st..ama_124.jpgMarch_21st..ama_125.jpgMarch_21st..ama_129.jpgMarch_21st..ama_150.jpgMarch_21st..ama_151.jpgPeole camping in style just off the beach.
We stopped at beach but didn't have our swim suits.
We had a pic nic for afternoon tea.

March_21st..ama_236.jpgMarch_21st..ama_238.jpgMarch_21st..ama_239.jpgMarch 21st - Trip to Wollongong and Kiama 240

March 21st - Trip to Wollongong and Kiama 240

I'm infatuated with the trees.
These are some of the pics of The Blow Hole, it is mad of volcanic rock.March_21st..ama_257.jpgMarch_21st..ama_259.jpgMarch_21st..ama_260.jpgMarch_21st..ama_263.jpgMarch_21st..ama_271.jpgMarch 21st - Trip to Wollongong and Kiama 273

March 21st - Trip to Wollongong and Kiama 273

We did risk our lives, apparenty.

March_21st..ama_277.jpgMarch_21st..ama_292.jpgMarch_21st..ama_287.jpgMarch_21st..ama_283.jpgMarch 21st - Trip to Wollongong and Kiama 299

March 21st - Trip to Wollongong and Kiama 299

More trees
Ajila and I had a great time. We watched Dora and Micky Mouse of DVD.
img=http://photos.travellerspoint.com/277854/March_21st..ama_358.jpg thumb=http://photos.travellerspoint.com/277854/thumb_March_21st..ama_358.jpg]March_21st..ama_366.jpg

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I love to travel and am enjoying reading and seeing the pics. Thanks for posting this.

by Raymie Soubeyroux

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